Improve the coworking


Design is the merging of the fields of art, technology and society, by trying to solve our day to day problems and meet our needs and necessities with realistic answers, it aims to change and facilitate our way of life, our lifestyle and consumption patterns with an edge for innovation and revolution.
During that project with the hackerspace of Xinchejian, my goal was to identify behaviors, understand issues, formulate problematics and guide coworkers toward their requests and collaborative working process.
My approach was to be aware of the constant development that occurs in their environment and bring the knowledge of it in a way to turn it into something beneficial for them. The idea was to carry out a user-centered methodology to create a relevant concept that affects and improves their habits and ways of working by sharing their knowledge and skills..


Because hackers have all day access to the space, sometimes they are alone and need help on specifics topics.
The imagined platform aims to create a dialog between community members for they can ask questions and answer requests. So to say,  they can find technical and manual support to develop their projects. 


As they fill the login form in on the app, coworkers share their abilities in order to be notified if they can help someone. Indeed, their skills are taken into consideration to reinforce the coworking environment and projects.


By collecting the datas of the app, the coworking space can set specific teaching sessions or workshops according to members' requests. 


The app also provides access to a community wall where members can share their activities and have discussions all together.