Let me teach your needs

During my last internship with Phoenix the creative studio in Montreal, I had the opportunity to elaborate the digital artistic direction of T3, an online learning platform.
Our goal was to create a unique story through this concept and its navigation, that's why in order to keep the audience of the website, we pushed those students in a world where legendary characters are to become their teachers.
In charge of the UX & UI design, I wanted this platform to become recognizable among other services by creating desires around the identity and stand out as a unique way to interact and learn.
The fact to improve, step by step, the ergonomics of each content by generating interactive prototypes allowed me to create a strong impact and seduce through the navigation, contents and their hierarchy.

For me, an important step in any interface design process, is mainly that it allows me to define the hierarchy of the information, develop simple layout according to the thread that I want a user to follow and create a dialog with customers or users.
I am interested in planning the layout and interaction of an interface without being distracted by color, font, or even content choices. 
I like to explain to customers that if a person can understand a black and white layout, then its interactions, colors and fonts chosen will not matter on its understanding. The usefulness of each content must prevail over the final design.

The homepage aims to introduce the platform, it allows students to understand how they can interact with the service.
The grid allowed me to organize in a responsive way different kinds of contents established to develop a new teaching environment, present the main features, discover main tutors and their videos.

From the header, they can sign in, select a category and discover its video contents.
Once connected, they have access to their suggested courses, get notifications and can plan personal live teaching sessions.

In order to direct them towards their goals, each category is divided into different sub-categories. By selecting a category, they can discover its sub-categories, suggested tutors and videos. The color scale strengthens this hierarchy and allows users to instantly find the lesson they need.