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During my internship with Reflexgroup in Shanghai, an agency which supports foreigners brands integrated into the Chinese market, I had the opportunity to work for Adventi, a PR agency and their customers.
By customizing for these brands suitable marketing strategies and tailor-made execution plans, I understood that digital media campaigns are extremely effective in China. Thanks to influencers, international brands borrow and adapt Chinese codes and trends to their own use. 
As a result, these Key Opinion Leaders are sought after and can become a marketing instrument to share a positive message about a product, so brands can directly influence a large community and reach thousands or even millions of potential customers.
By keeping in mind how that system works, I realized a project for Overlay Shanghai and Nike. Their goal was to find new customers by launching a media campaign through university students.
I wanted to create fanatics by allowing students to become influencers, represent Nike's spirit, develop their social environment and notoriety. 
Here is the concept I created, between performances and students way of life, it aims to embody the Nike vision of success.