Ultraviolet Experience


Ultraviolet is an experimental restaurant by Paul Pairet based in Shanghai.
The concept of that unique restaurant is to push guests in gustative and sensitive experiences. Surrounded by screens, the meal, composed by 22 dishes, allows them to escape the aspect of a traditional gastronomic meal and discover (depending on dishes' taste) new ambiances and environments.
Through this conceptual project, we developed and prototyped ideas for 2 dishes of the new menu "UV C".
Realise ambiances and animations by allowing Paul Pairet to understand our vision and experience was the main purpose of our creation, we decided to develop those concepts with watercolor painting (atmosphere) and video animation (after effects).

Here is the selection of some concepts we had for the 2 next dishes:

_No peach melba - "a lot of nothing"

_Peanut tart - "nada"


  • Environment Analysis
  • Brainstorming
  • User-centered
  • Conceptual thinking
  • User-experience
  • Sketches
  • Video protyping