Oxo 3D game


Here is the landcape and character I realised for a video game we developed name's "Oxo Invasion".
Our creative direction for that game was to create a universe in low poly and make it lunar thanks to lights we used in our 3D modeling.

An interstellar explorer lands his ship on the distant planet OXO in order to realize a scouting mission. During the usual procedure of exploration, he discovers a tiny alien village. As he approaches closer to analyse the situation, a swarm of very little aliens, a bit sticky, rushes to the ship and starts trying to bury it gradually. In a way to carry out his reconnaissance mission on Oxo, the gamer is able to interact with different elements such as Donuts / Dynamite / Light stick to attract or disperse groups of aliens.

The gamer is entirely immersed in a first person view controlled by a Kinect. The HUD display brings a new dimension to the experience of realism.


  • Sketches
  • Scenario
  • 3D modeling
  • Animation