Bus Shelter Public Installation

Bus Shelter

In collaboration with AIA, the main purpose of this project was to think about the elderly needs in a city such as Shanghai, in constant evolution.

With space designers, my goal was to adapt and provide tools which allow them to have access to informations and mobility.
Based on discussions, research tools and observations, we define mobility as the center of our research, it provides to them independence and socialisation.
For them, public transportations embodied that opportunity to socialise through their mobility.
During their journey, elderly face different problems especially in bus which is their way to have access to their convenience destinations.
The shelter which is a waiting area, have to allow them to feel in security as well as to be part of the Shanghai life by providing the access to the city facilities and infrastructures.
We chose it because this urban place is the link between their home and their needs.

Here is some slide I selected to show you how we have proceded


  • Users Alalysis
  • Space Analysis
  • Brainstorming
  • Define a persona
  • Research tools
  • Graphic representations
  • Identidy a concept
  • Development